Tap dance, theater, film, live music

A has-been tap dancer traveling back in time … a stubborn grail quest and an unlikely friendship are the ingredients of this wild mix of theater, film, live music and dance by Stéphane Bittoun and Sebastian Weber.

Beat by life as an artist, Sebastian „Slowfoot“ Holland seeks inspiration with his old master in New York. As he gets there, he learns that his mentor has recently passed away. What a blow! Sebastian’s career is destined to go down once and for all if it weren’t for Stéphane, a documentary filmmaker who is shooting a picture about Sebastian. He has no use for his main character throwing in the towel. Stéphane fuels Sebastian’s enthusiasm and rekindles it when they find clues about lost choreographies in the master’s legacy.

Driven by their delirious search, they embark on an odyssey that bounces back and forth between past and present, Germany and the USA, between black and white culture – always accompanied by Stéphane’s camera. They meet fascinating people, explore spellbinding locations, and dig up lost knowledge. Sebastian’s passion for dancing reignites. But: The closer they get to discovering the choreographies, the more questionable the journey becomes. Will Sebastian find an artistic treasure or will he bury his creativity for good? There is no time for answers because Stéphane drops another bombshell – the whole idea collapses like a house of cards.


The production mixes facts and fiction in this clever game of deception by merging filmed documentary and interviews with re-enactments and choreographic reconstructions. Weber and Bittoun tell a fleet-footed story of fiction and truth typical for the birth of legends – a covert theme of the production.

THE LEGEND OF SYD O’NOO melds the pulsing jazz of musician Tobias Christl, the odd and soulful physical presence of tap dancer Sebastian Weber and the unpredictable, nimble narration of director Stéphane Bittoun into a sizzling, poised, and artful hero’s journey … powerful docu-fiction, and an original piece of music theatre!


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