Stéphane_Bittoun_300Stephane Bittoun (actor, author, director)

Bittoun, an alumni of „Giessener Schule“, produced numerous plays at Mousonturm in Frankfurt and Kampnagel in Hamburg. He also directed plays in municipal theaters such as Mainz, Erfurt or Heidelberg and has authored scripts for movies and television („Die Eisbombe“ 2009).

At LOFFT Leipzig Bittoun participated in SYNCHRONZEUGEN and staged previous productions like DAS WILDE SCHAF and MEIN ERSTER SONY. NACKT UNTER KOKOSNÜSSEN and NACH DEM ZORN are his latest productions. Bittoun was nominated for the George-Tabori-Award in 2012.

Bittoun’s trademark is an interdisciplinary approach using collages and manifold storytelling. His experiences and skills as a filmmaker predestined him for shooting this sophisticated documentary while traveling the USA.


Sebastian Weber (actor, author, choreographer)

Weber is an innovative tap dance choreographer and theater producer. He performed in Germany, Europe, China, USA, Benin and Ghana. He is the two-time winner of “Bewegungskunstpreis Leipzig” and has had numerous guest appearances on television, radio and cinema.

Sebastian produces his own plays such as SYNCHRONZEUGEN, GROOVE JOURNALS, CROSS NOT LINE THE DO.

In the early years of his career, Weber had the opportunity to work intimately with tap dance legend Chuck Green and other masters in New York. Ever since he remained in close contact with leading jazz-tap-dancers which has been door-opening for the current production.

Susanne Strach (Darstellerin)

Susanne-Strach-47-(2)Strach studied drama at German-Polish Teatr Studio of the „International Theater Workshop“ in Berlin; guest performances among others at „Teatr Wspolczesny“ in Stettin and at „Altonaer Theater“ in Hamburg.

Engagements include municipal theater Trier, freelance theater productions at different locations like Maxim Gorki Berlin („Toll, dass du nicht kommst“), Mousonturm Frankfurt on Main („Nach dem Zorn“).

Workshop in camera acting  at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. Various experiences in television and movies (et al „TOPGIRL, La déformation professionelle“).

Tobias Christl (live music, composer)


Christl is a singer, composer, instrumentalist, and musician to the core. He studied in Germany and New York and toured the US, Russia, Taiwan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy. He won several awards such as the German Music Video Award and the Acapella Award Taipeh. He was also nominated for “Bremer Jazzpreis.”

Christl is the perfect fit for musical lead of this ensemble. He offers a world of possibilities with his technical and stylistic variety (singer, clarinet, guitar and keyboard). He also combines electronic and analogue music in a pointed way. By integrating samples and loops of quotes and field recordings into the live performance, Christl’s music reflects the ambiguity of truth and fiction, quote and new creation as inherent themes of the production. And on top of that, he sounds great!


Production manager

Josepha Vogel

Light Design

Sebastian Schackert


Alexander Düsterberg

Film editor

Ilana Goldschmidt


Michaela Kessler